negative then positive

so I took a pregnanct test yesterday and showed one negative line but this morning I saw a positive sign in the corner of my eye, picked up the test took yesterday that I thought said negative and it has a positive sign now? so I'm going to wait couple more days because I was suppose to start today but haven't started yet,

ive had a lot pregnancy symptoms but that has to do with my birth control but few weeks ago my obgyn came in while I was at work and I talked to him about how its been making me sick and my arm is in pain randomly and he told me I had to get it out because its a hormonal imbalance meaning its not working with my body, but he cant take it out bc he doesn't accept my insurance, and last couple weeks ive been getting random nose bleeds and just really really tired and past couple days my lower back as been killing me! BUT if I am really pregnant I can go see my obgyn bc I will automatically get my insurance switched over and it will pay back so many months. but that is only if for sure I am pregnant.
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