What is a good family dog?

I'm looking to get a puppy but I have a baby and one more on the way and I do not know what will be a good family dog

Rebecca VanEckHinesville, Georgia
We're going to get a dog once my husband gets back home later this year, and we were lookin at dog breeds (granted, smaller breeds since our apartment has a weight limit). Golden Retrievers are big dogs, and very friendly, but they're also very very very active and require lots of attention. Shiba Inu are medium sized, 30ish pounds usually, and are good and friendly but can sometimes be a little willful if you don't train them at all so they take advantage. Shih Tzu are nice and friendly and small, but have long hair and require lots of grooming. Labs get big, too, and are just as friendly as golden retrievers but not quite as active and are more common and usually less expensive to find. Lots of mixed breeds are great (mutts are usually healthier, overall, too, than pure-breds).
    Rebecca VanEck
    Medium to big
      We have a lab/german shepard mix. We got him when my oldest was 2.5 months old. He is a great dog. great around kids. He had crazy amounts of energy when he was a puppy and he still is energetic but not crazy.
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