Why does some friends have following and other have friends

Does friends mean you are both following each other and the following mean just are you are following them. Kind of confused.

    It is wonderful. I love it because I am the type of person who doesn't have that many friends and the ones who claim are my friend some how never come around when I need them. I love that everyone here is so helpful and that we are all so caring about each other. No one judges you and everyone know what you are going though or at least has some what of an idea.Jacob is doing great Alissa he is growing so fast. Seems to be growing into such a fun loving little boy. Hes very stubborn though. Seems to me that he doesn't want to crawl and might just skip to walking. He can walk when he holds my finger tips and enjoys to log roll around my carpet. Thanks for asking. I hope you are doing well too :)
      Amanda Westmoreland I know what you mean! lol Charlie holds onto my fingers and does this little boogie walk and he's getting really good at sitting up. He's learning how to catch himself when he starts to wobble over but can't sit unassisted yet. I think he's also stubborn, it doesn't seem like he has any interest in crawling.. at. all.

      I agree with your feelings on the site. You can always find someone who totally understands what you're going through, or knows someone who does. It's a very empowering, supportive place and it feels good that even though we all parent so differently, we aren't judged for it. I'm so glad you like the site!
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