Cant Deal!!!!

My husband took a position at work where he has been away pretty much all the time, how do other mom's that are married deal with there husband away all the time. I' am having a real hard time with. oh and BTW he did this without discussing it with me first

    Anita Harley I'm sorry you're feeling this way. Hoping that your husband took this position so that it would better provide for your family.

    My bf works all day and is on call 24/7. He has one weekend off per month and we have a ton of projects constantly going on. There will be many days that I will see him in the morning, then when he gets home for a few minutes, then for a few minutes at bed time.

    Best thing is to find something that YOU like to do. It's a great thing actually. You can work on crafting stuff if that's what you're into. Or catch up with old friends, (or hang out with new ones here on the site *grin*)

    Also, make sure that the little time that he does have available is doing something important. At first I had to remind myself that I only had an hour before he would be called out again so I never spent it nagging or asking him to take care of things. But I do have a list that on the fridge with things I need fixed or otherwise taken care of.
      Iam tring my best, Im just fustrated it was a decision made with out me and he was gone the entire month of april came back for a week left for a week came home for a week left for 3 days came home left again and as he is on his way home Im told he is leaving again to SC. I am def going to try and find something to do for myself but where is all the family time that we where going to have this summer..... With all the friends I have and family I still feel all alone in my house
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