Ok moms, I wanna hear it. What is the strangest thing you have found when cleaning out your purse???? I have three little ones, 6, 2, and 1. I am cleaning my purse (I cannot sleep, even though I need to be up in 4 1/2 hours) and you would not believe the stuff I have found.

1. Open smarties candy

2. Wet wipes

3. Little stamper

4. A baby spoon

5. A teddy bear necklace

6. A toy baby bottle.

Lets hear it. What have you found in your purse???​

Amanda HurleyFlat Rock, Michigan
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    Amanda Hurley
    That is TOO DANG ON FUNNY. You made my day.
      8Theresa Gould
      I know I've found some goofy stuff but am drawing a complete blank right now.
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