How to stop cat from jumping on baby

Establishing boundaries is very important when you have both a child and an animal in the home.

These should be started early, long before baby comes home from the hospital. Our dog knew she was not allowed to enter the nursery unless invited in. She could sit in the doorway, but nothing else. When we aren't in the nursery Charlie is always right next to me. If I need to get up and take care of something, he either goes into the jumper or into his play pen.

So a good rule of thumb is to not leave baby unattended, but that's not always realistic. If you have to leave the baby alone, take the cat out of the room. A squirt bottle works wonders for pets who get near things they shouldn't. One quick squirt on the backside will teach them a quick lesson.

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    We were fortunate and never had a problem with our cats or dog and the babies. That said, we started pushing them off our laps and no longer allowing a jump to our lap as soon as we found out I was pregnant with Mason. It made our laps and the couches and beds in general a safe place for the babies. Same thing with the nursery. It had been a guest room and we had kept the door closed. We opened up the door when we found out I was pregnant and started training the animals not to go into those rooms.
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      Good advice. We never had pets with babies. Our youngest was a going on two when we got our puppy.
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