How much is to much milk for toddlers?

My son is almost 14 months and he goes through almost 3 gallons of milk in 2 weeks by himself. I didn't know if that was bad for him or not. Opinions please!(:

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    I'm not very good at math... do you know how much (on average) he is consuming each day??

    I know me and my 3 kids go through a gallon every other day, so 3 in 2 weeks doesn't seem like too much to me, but if it's only him drinking it, that could be different.
      I'm weird because I love milk. My mom says that as a kid I could drink two gallons a week! I was older then though. I've read that kids between 12-24 months should only have 2 cups of dairy total per day and only 1 cup from milk. That means they should have about 56oz per week, which is a little less then a 1/2 gallon.

      Maybe you should try to cut back a little and give him water instead of milk at some meals. He'll probably fuss about it, but he'll get used to it eventually.
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        I gave mine milk with cereal and with their meals, plus they'd get cheese or yogurt besides. Other than that I never really kept track. Still don't. Now that they are older they can pretty much drink as much as they want, but they don't go overboard.
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