Gender Stereotypes

So I was reading about Angelina Jolie and her kids today. I just sort of stumbled across an article written about their daughter Shiloh. I don't want to link it here because, frankly, I don't want to give them any web hits to their site. Yep, That's how much I dislike the article.

For those who don't know, Shiloh is a tomboy. She's 4 years old and wants to dress in the same clothes as her brothers and wants people to call her John (her favorite character from Peter Pan). Some people speculate that she may be transgendered. Her parents brush this off and say she's too young to worry about that but if she is, they'll love her just the same.

The author of the article I read accused the Jolie-Pitts of using their daughter to get attention. She says that they pick her clothes and that they're dressing her as a boy on purpose. She thinks they should be buying her pretty girl clothes instead of reinforcing her silly tomboy phase. She says that her parents are sending her the wrong message and that Shiloh needs to learn that it's not okay to dress like a boy.

Ugh. I was a huge tomboy as kid. My mom says that I hated dresses from the time I was crawling. I was 6 when I adamantly decided I would only where jeans and t-shirts - no frilly things. I'm still a tomboy, though I have learned to embrace my feminine side occasionally. I grew up, got married, have a career, and I had a baby all while being a tomboy. I firmly believe that being a woman is about WAY more then the kind of clothes you wear, that pink is just a color that can be used by anyone, and children should be allowed to be themselves.

As for the whole transgendered thing - maybe she is, maybe she isn't. I do know that she is FOUR YEARS OLD and I don't think her sexual orientation should even be discussed this young. I dressed like a boy when I was four and I'm straight. My cousin is the picture of femininity and has a very nice girlfriend. CLOTHES DON'T CHANGE WHO YOU ARE.

There. Ranting Done.

    Totally agree with you on the let the kid wear whatever she wants. People get SO caught up in girls being girls and boys being boys. WHO CARES?!?!?!

    Have you seen this family yet?? One of my friends shared the photo on facebook:…
      8Theresa Gould
      Yeah, I wouldn't worry about it at that young age. A couple of my girls went through a stage where they wore things that didn't even match and unless they asked me specifically, I let them grow through it.
        That's ridiculous to say her parents want attention for this. Really, who wants to be criticized for their parenting decisions, lol. It sounds like they just don't have a problem with letting their kids make their own choices. I mean both of my kids went through phases of wanting to wear their Halloween costumes out in public. In the summer. Does that mean they wanted to be Mario and a princess for life? No, haha. They were just comfortable in what they picked.
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