i know this will be a verry open subject but i just want to know the honest answer...

my husband still not with me . But I am hoping that will change soon . - after the baby how did your sex life change..... did everything look the same down there at 6 week check up . Did it feel beter or worst when having sex . Any discomfort. ?!

    8Theresa Gould
    With my first is was months before we could do anything....comfortably because I had an episiotomy and I hurt so much. It took a long time for that to heal. After my first it was normal and we were fine. Just take things slow to see what your comfort level is and communicate your thoughts and feelings with your hubby so he knows where you are at. My husband was really great and sensitive to my needs after birth. Hope yours shows you the same consideration, but don't be afraid to teach him by telling him your needs either.
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