Not my finest hour....

UGH! Just came from trying to get my son to sleep. It's always an issue when I say good night and leave the room. He cries and says "No! I can't sleep alone! I need the light on! Do your homework in here! No I won't sleep in my bed!" Like c'mon kid, you're 6. You do not dictate to me how it's going down. Also, a mental note for my future children...we will NOT be cosleeping, you are in your crib since day 1! I think it's because I love cuddling with him, but now it's a little more annoying because I cannot stand sitting next to him for over an hour because everytime I get up to leave he's like "Mommy, where are you going?" Little man, just shush and go to bed. You are making mommy a little ticked off with your ridiculousness. Do any moms out there have helpful and successful ways of just convincing the child to sleep alone in their own bed without the constant battle? I know I screwed myself on this one, and I cannot seem to get it resolved. Thank you for letting me vent. This mommy can now function like a non-monster. :)

    LOL, my son is almost 10 and still wants to sleep with me sometimes. My daughter hasn't slept with me since she was about four. Both of them were co sleepers! I'm pretty sure it has more to do with personality than anything.

    Does he use a nightlight? What about letting him read with a book light for a short amount of time? Does he like soft music playing? I would suggest trying those things, but he can only do them if he stays in bed. IF he chooses to get in bed with you it is lights off, complete dark and no talking at all with you. He'll probably see it's not as fun to get in bed with momma!

    Or as an alternative, can you do something fun like a slumber party night in your bed on the weekend? You can have fun with that too, watch a movie of his choice and let him stay up a little later. ONLY though if he doesn't give you trouble through the week going to bed.
    he does have a nightlight and I put a a music channel on the dvr so he can listen to peaceful music, so he has the glow from the tv too and glow in the dark stars all over the ceiling. he reads a book before bed. and friday nights we do do a slumber party in my bed when we watch a movie of his choice and have cuddle time but!!!! doesnt matter what bedtime was like the whole week...thank you for bringing that to my attention!!! How is he going to know what is acceptable if I don't stay consistent!!!! lol DUH MOM! lol, like I said, not my finest hour :) thank you so much though!
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