For those of us who Could NOT breast feed,

"choosing to formula-feed did not, in any way, make me a bad mother."…

    Yes!!! I pumped for two weeks with Lucas but was never able to actually breastfeed him. I was so upset, but then you know what? that's what formula is for! Sure I got to pump for two weeks, but it was rare that I even was able to produce enough for a whole bottle. His feedings were usually half and half. I love this article so much. Thank you for posting. <3 :)
      4Santana Ferrell
      Hey i breast feed but i have to supplement with formula.Nothing wrong with it as long as baby gets fed.
        I've never understood the judgement around breastfeeding. Yes, I did breastfeed all 3 kids, but my daughter needed some formula supplementing as I didn't make enough for that big eater :-)! What I do, however, think is unfortunate is that many women quit b/c they don't have the right amount of support (I'm talking about women who want to breastfeed and don't otherwise have significant problems with it). It does bother me that some hospitals tend to push formula when mom hasn't made milk on day 2, for example, when they know that for a first child, the milk usually comes in on day 4-5 and baby is fine. But, you know what, even this I don't get passionate about b/c, honestly, I've got bigger fish to fry than how some other woman feeds her baby!
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