Alright mama's, my inner feminist is about to show herself.

If you know me, you know how much I HATE double standards!!!! So, this school apparently picked and chose girls from the year book to 'modest' them up a bit. Raised the necklines and such. Were their clothing too revealing? Some maybe, some maybe not. Because it's DISTRACTING FOR THE BOYS!!!! What in the world!?!?!?!?!??? Boy can learn to control themselves if they're not raised by freaking Neanderthals okay. It should not matter how a young woman dresses. Should she dress appropriately for school? Yes. Should school officials alter their pictures??? NO! Women have a right to be proud and show off their bodies (REASONABLY) and young men need to respect that and not be so distracted by it that tHEY CANT EVEN LEARN!!! What kind of world is this????? Women are attractive, men don't have to be such dogs they can't focus on work. Ugh.

"This kind of female objectification, in which women are blamed for men being “distracted” by their appearance, has sparked controversy in many schools recently." -no shit Sherlock.

Please, tell me what you think of this.…

    Girl I seen this on facebook earlier I don't think they had the right to photoshop any pictures without the students or parents knowing about it.
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        Please dont get me started..
          Melissa Middleton
          The girls were warned before hand to dress appropriately. I would not want my step-daughter showing off her bra straps or cleavage when she becomes a teen. I believe they should have given them another ultimatum: Either dress appropriately for the photo, allowing them to even change clothing, or be photo-shopped.
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