Sign of pregnancy yeast infection

It is normal for vaginal discharge to increase from the second trimester of pregnancy onward. However, it should always remain clear and mucuslike, odorless or just mildly swelling.

Most itch vaginal infections are due to yeast, which is an innocent, albeit uncomfortable, side effect of pregnancy. You will notice an itchy, curdlike discharge around your vagina. Yeast is not a cause of preterm labor and most women experience at least one episode of it during pregnancy.

It is largely due to the vaginal environment becoming less acidic during pregnancy thanks to the effect of hormones, and this encourages the growth of the yeastlike fungus, which is normally present in small numbers in the vagina and gut.

Another common cause of yeast is antibiotic treatment because antibiotics kill off some of the normal housekeeping bacteria in the gut and vagina, allowing the candida organisms to gain a hold.

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