Baby hair color can change, at least in my family

Does baby hair color change?

Baby hair color can totally change. I started out with super red hair that faded to strawberry-blonde, and the bottom is almost completely light blonde. Strangely, it also went from being completely straight to kind of curly, and that's just in the past few years.

My mom's hair did the same, but much more extreme. Her hair was red and turned to platinum blonde when she was a kid. She has the opposite of me with bright blonde on top and a little red on the bottom, lol. Not that I've ever asked, but I don't know anyone else's hair who is like this. Is that common to have one color hair visible and then at the base of your neck and just above, the bottom layer I guess, to be a different color?

It's not just sunlight that does this either, though that will work to lighten it too. Especially if you use lemon juice or peroxide while you're out there.. It can get pretty light.

My dad's hair was blonde though and turned dark brown!

Of course, I have friends who have children with funky colored Manic Panic (non toxic, vegan, WHOO!) streaks in their hair. I don't think this counts though. I used to be kinda weird about kids with dyed hair, like don't ruin their natural beauty! But, a lot of kids WANT funky colored hair streaks, and when is a better time, really? It's not affecting a job, other kids will probably think it's cool, it's not hurting them, and it makes them HAPPY. After realizing that the only people judging were the ADULTS and mainly each other, I felt kinda silly. Now I think it's pretty neat. Then, perhaps, as teenagers those kids won't go on a binge and (poorly) dye their hair green like I did. Or maybe they will... But, I think self-expression is pretty important, anyhow.

While we're on the topic of color changes, does anybody know when eyes normally settle to their final color? Hubby's family has people whose eyes have changed way later than I ever thought this happened... I'm talking like significant changes in teens or later, and I thought it settled out as a toddler. says this...

“ In our analogy, the gene is the recipe and the cookbook is the chromosome (a large collection of recipes). The gene needs to be "read" by the cell in order for it to do what it should. An unread brown or black hair recipe will give you blonde hair.
Scientists don't really understand why specifically the eye and hair color genes sometimes turn on later in life.”


Has your baby's hair changed color? From what to what?

What about your own?

Would you dye your kid's hair with semi-permanent dye if they wanted it?

Anybody know about eye color changes?

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    Amy Phroper
    All of my kid's hair color has changed. Miracle's went from blond to a dirty blond/brown. Zander's and Dakota's went from almost black to extremely blond. They are so blond that in the sun light that it looks almost white.
      My mom and older brother both had blonde hair when they were little, and now they both have brown hair. Also, my little brother was born with red hair and now it's jet black. It definitely happens.
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