College for working moms and other busy bees... for cheap!

I'd say the best college for working moms would be an affordable, online one... preferably even a work-at-your-own-pace one.

With children and chores and work, you may get too caught up in life to attend a brick and mortar school, and you probably don't want to move your whole family to another city, find new jobs, etc. just to go.

When I was looking around for schools that fit this criteria, and let me say, I looked HARD... I decided to forego the more immediately known colleges like University of Phoenix and the like. They are expensive for what they are and the classes are apparently not particularly challenging.

I also found lots of pay for a degree type schools. Too much money, too much fluff, too little accreditation and content.

However, I think I stumbled on a gem. American Public University. They have a Bridgestone program with a lot of their degrees that can help you get hired when you're done with school. They have lots of cool classes and degree programs. You can even get your Master's online there. If I remember, I think they even had classes that started every month so you don't have to wait for a semester, you start when it's convenient. I looked at a lot though, so don't quote me on that part.

I read a lot from students who had gone there across the web and many said the classes were more challenging and educational than their brick and mortar education, some from renowned schools. A lot of the people I read reviews from were older people who were going back to school to get their masters or had decided on a career change.

When I say they're cheap, I mean CHEAP. Like... Mad cheap. (Well, mad cheap for American university... I still think college should cost a lot less, especially when it's online and you can find 99% of the information and learn the same skills via Google, but you know what I mean) For a Bachelor's in Psychology it's right around 30,000. Not a semester, the WHOLE degree. 121 credits. That's SO much cheaper than the other accredited online schools I looked at.

And, of course, if you have the time you could take the CLEP tests and test out of a lot of prerequisite classes.

Before starting “normal” online school, I'd try out some free college like edx or Coursera. I LOOOOOVE both of these places, like I can't even express it. They also have the Harvard, Stanford, and MIT portals where they offer free classes sometimes. It's seriously like legit college classes for free. You can talk with other students. The classes are constantly changing and you can learn about anything if you wait on it. There are just for fun classes too. Oh, plus, one of them is doing signature tracks now which basically gives you credit and a certificate of completion. (Some of them you can get your certificate for free, but to get the verified credit you have to pay a little)

This will at least tell you if online school is for you... if you learn alright by yourself and can find time in your day to do classes where you can focus. Plus you'll learn cool stuff.

What colleges do you recommend for working moms?

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