Pitbulls and Babies

This is kind of a touchy subject...I've known cases on both ends of the spectrum. Any dog can be an aggressive dog. Any dog can be the sweetest angel on earth. My brother had a pit bull when my niece was tiny. The only time it was remotely aggressive was when it was bitten by a rapid skunk...Even then the dog wouldn't let my niece outside-it knew it was sick. My friend's kids were attacked by a pitbull who came running at them and broke it's chain. Her 5 year old son was bitten on the head-a bike helmet and his dad saved his life and he still has the helmet 11 years later. It depends on how they are raised.

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    I think you hit the nail on the head. Any dog can be dangerous, it's just the way pitbulls are built they can be more lethal if they decide to attack. It completely and totally depends on how a dog was raised. I personally don't let any dog alone with my children, especially if it was a rescue dog since you don't know their background.
    Exactly! We have a little mini schnauzer that loves the kids and the kids love her.. But if they go anywhere near the back half of her body, she flips out. They are all still learning, and she's starting to understand that sometimes they just don't realize so is calmer.. You just don't know.
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