Say a Prayer.. Off to my Test :(

Away I go to my glucose test.. say a prayer if you can :(​

    Kat Mahoney
    Sending Happy vibes!
      I got u Meg!! Keep us posted!!
        Thanks SO much sweet ladies.. they will let me know within 24-48 hours they said... and I may or may not have had to LIE down, about to pass out about 45 minutes into waiting to have my blood drawn :( Like the sugar hit me, or blood sugar dropped drastically.. NO fun.. the doc said it's probably because my body processed it all so fast and well typically.. and slam bam.. oy! He even gave me his Clif bar to nibble on after haha.. an eventful test to say the least.. and blessed my hubby had wanted to go with me!
        Amanda Hurley
        Glad it seemed to work out. Let us know when you get the results.
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