Father's Day and Birthday ideas

My dad's birthday was yesterday and we are having a prty for him on Saturday. I never know what to get him. He works all the time and reqally doesn't have any hobbies. I asked my mom for ideas and she said that time with my son would be enough. That's great but I just got her presents for her birthday and mother's day. It seems awful to get her gifts and not him. Any suggestions?

    I have this same problem! My dad is sooooo hard to shop for and he always gives the most ridiculous suggestions when we ask him what he wants (a pair of socks, a plumbing tool, all practical items that he needs, but nothing that he just wants and would be excited to get). Maybe you and Riley could make him something together? I know it's hard to do crafts with a kid that young, but you could do some handprint paintings (check pinterest - tons of ideas there) or something like that?
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