Ridiculous-mostly venting here

it's a long drawn out battle why daughter lives with her grandparents... But to make it short and keep to the point-she is being raised a spoiled rotten brat (there are no other words) to the point where I have a hard time putting up with her attitude for the four day weekends, let alone any longer. My two year old is showing more maturity and compassion than my nine year old!
Andrew was screaming last night because he couldn't get to me to cuddle-she sat there and laughed at him then proceeded to throw a fit because I made her get down-BECAUSE she laughed at him.
This morning Adrianna woke up at 3, got mad because I told her she needed to sit on the couch and be quiet while I talked to Dennis. She is old enough to understand adults need some adult time. Then she got mad I told her I was going back to sleep after he went to work. Eva woke up at five, gave me a kiss on the couch and went to play quietly.
I know that it's because she misses and wants the attention-but she needs to get it through her head that she's not the only thing on the planet.
It doesn't hit me as hard when she's just here for the short time-but the month long visits in the summer.... I feel like I'm going to go crazy.
Eva pretty much refuses to play with her.. Andrew keeps telling Eva 'I know she's mean, but you don't have to play with her, just ignore her, she'll leave you alone.'. If this were any other child I wouldn't make them be around her because of her attitude. It breaks my heart and makes me feel like a horrible mommy...
We were considering taking them back to court for custody when she turns 10-that's when the courts would ask her.. But she doesn't want to live here-there's rules and other kids.

    That's a really tough situation to be in. Have you considered sitting down with her grandparents and figuring out what (if any) rules there are at their house and trying to make the rules and boundaries consistent across the board? It could just be that she is desperately seeking your attention. Maybe you could take some time each weekend and do something one on one with her? Even if it's just a trip to the grocery store together - get her alone without the other kids so she has your full attention and feels special.
    They don't see the point in rules.. She is being raised how her daddy was raised. :/ She does get to go to the grocery store with just me and Grace-if she doesn't rub it in the other two's faces. I had promised her I would make her a skirt-since we bought material and thread Tuesday, she keeps rubbing it in their face 'Mommy's doing this for me and not for you'. Andrew doesn't nap when she is here so there goes that. When they are distracted and playing I say something to her, but she can't keep it to herself and rubs it in their face-which un-distracts them and makes them come, too.
      Adrianna wanted to call and talk to grandma.. (I'm sure she complained about the injustice lol). Grandma informed me the adults (mostly uncle, grandpa and grandma) have been talking and she is going to get more rules.. Guess they are tired of it, too.
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