1 Year old Temper Tantrum: How to handle

At 1 year old, a time out isn't going to be effective. There is a huge range of development during the second year of life... a child that is on the early side of 1 probably doesn't even realize what they are doing, and chances are the tantrum is for a reason. At that age, you need to figure out the reason for the tantrum and address it. On the other side of 1 - when they are almost 2 - children will throw tantrums because they have reached a stage in their development where they are somewhat more independent. Often there will be a lot of frustration because things aren't going the way they want, or they are unable to do something they have in mind to do. During the older months of 1 I tend to try and figure out what the tantrum is for, remove the child from the situation and talk with them calmly... possibly even having a time in. A time in in our house is where the child and I sit together in a quiet space and I hold them quietly until they are able to calm down and talk about what is wrong. At 1 the child probably won't be able to talk, but getting them to calm down or re-direct their attention could be all they need.

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    I completely agree! Avery isn't quite one yet, but she has thrown a tantrum or two. The most recent was while we were at my moms house finishing dessert. She didn't want to be held but didn't want to be on the floor either. She'll throw her head back until she falls back and screams! I just laid her down on the ground and let her get it out of her system. In a minute or two she was calmly laying there sucking her fingers.
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