Dads Who Do Chores Bolster Daughters Career Aspirations

I thought this was a really interesting read! This article says that Dads who help cook, clean, laundry, child care are more likely to raise daughters toward less traditional and higher paying careers.

I think shared parenting and household duties is very important. Not only does it make it easier on mom and the rest of the family but it shows our children that it's not just a woman's job to raise kids and take care of the house. Men share equal part in that as well.

What do you think? And does your husband or SO share the duties? Mine does pretty well I think we make a good team.

    Interesting!! My husband does help with some of the household chores, but there are some he doesn't do (laundry being the biggest one). That said there are also some I don't do (taking the trash out) so I think overall the kids will see a good division of labor.
      Stephani Harper
      My husband is great at cleaning and doing laundry. I do most of the care of our baby but he tends to handle the two older ones. I do the cooking because he just can't cook haha. So all in all it's pretty divided so things aren't all on my two 9 yo boys do chores for an allowance so I get help from them too.
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