Big-Kid Milestones!

We're always talking about baby milestones: sitting up, crawling, walking, etc. But what about older kids? There are some pretty important milestones for kids 5+ too! I found this article about 11 big kid milestons from

It was a great read and I got me really excited for all the things Avery will get to do as she gets older. How have the moms with older kids felt about some of these older kid milestones? Did you get excited about them, or feel sad that your little one wasn't so little anymore?…

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      3 year old soccer is my favorite soccer (no offense to soccer fans)!
        Alyssa Martinez
        My daughter is 10 and my boys are 8. A milestone for them is passing to the next grade. The school work is getting absolutly ridicoulous and is very hard. I am thankful they get good grades and pass.
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