My routines what do u think

So with summer and nice weather i have to make my routines little better and yet keep house cleaned and my chores done. So here is my idea.
7am- me up and ready for day and vince with bottle.
7:35- head to summer school with haiden
8:45-9am- morning snack
9am-10:15am- morning nap and me getting some chores done
11am- vince before lunch bottle and then him in his room playing while i make lunch.
11:30-12- eat lunch, go get haiden from summer school.
12-1:30pm- outside play
1:30-3:00 nap and me get stuff done
3-5pm- outside play ad me start dinner
5:30- eat
6-7pm- outside play
7:00-7:30- bath time and night time snack, vince bottle
8 or 8:30bed time.
Weekend if campfires, amuzement parks, and camping we will go off routine a bit

I usually lay in bed for 10mins before getting stuff done
    I have so much respect (and some jealousy) for anyone with any sort of routine--yours looks great!
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