Why are beans good for a baby?

Beans are a great source of protein and many other nutrients and vitamins and minerals for a baby. Lentils in particular are fantastic because they don't have a thicker skin that some other beans like navy or kidney beans have. They also mash up easily, are super inexpensive. A bag of lentils is only around a dollar and will last months for your baby. Another great thing is that Ttey are low on the list of foods that babies might be allergic to. The downfall to beans is that they may cause gassiness.

Moms Expertise
    I try to give Maddie hummus, but she's not a fan. She's not a fan of much lately. I don't like many beans, but I'd love to not project that onto Maddie. Maybe we should just suck it up and eat them anyway!
      8Theresa Gould
      I didn't give my babies beans until after they were a year old. Guess I just thought they'd cause too much gas.
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