Article: My Son Has No Friends. How Can I Help Him?

I'm only 5 months into being a mom but I already have some fears about this. Not because my kid won't be awesome (because he already is), but because we all know how cruel kids can be. We all grew up with those people who seemed to come out of the womb with invitations to every party, and we also grew up with those who didn't.

I was surprised at the part of this article that said that kids can learn some valuable lessons about being socially awkward. Do you agree?

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      This article feels like me and my mom when my mom ran my Girl Scout troop. I think I was on some sort of power-high because my mom was in charge, so I'd be really obnoxious and uncontrollable, just trying to get a laugh from this group of older girls who kind of HAD to be my friend. My mom would lecture me after each meeting, saying how embarrassing I was, and how I needed to stop.

      I think every kid who has any sort of social awkwardness skirts around this behavior, but it seems temporary, especially in the early teen years. So long as a child isn't being bullied or anything, though, I think riding it out may be the best course.
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        We have been in situations where our children have been snubbed. I hate it. But they have learned at an early age to choose friends more wisely. I'm just glad they have each other in new situations.
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