Advice for a lonely single mom

I think no matter our situation we all tend to feel a bit of loneliness when we become mothers. Personally I've felt a little outcast, like I'm stepping on toes, really sad, extremely hormonal.. you name it. It doesn't help to know that those things are normal, but it does help to know that most moms DO go through those feelings.

So my first and best piece of advice is to find other moms. Whether they're kids are the same age as yours or not, a mom will always understand a mom. Sites like this and others, local mommy groups, church, playgroups for children, all of these things will get you out of the house and meeting other moms in no time.

I can't say this with personal knowledge but I wouldn't put much weight on the "single" part right now. Feeling lonely is the worst reason to try to look for a partner. Once you have some activities that you enjoy doing, a good strong supportive set of friends and/or family around you, have a rock solid relationship and routine with your child(ren), then finding a partner is a good idea, but that's just my opinion.

There are quite a few single mamas here. What is your advice?

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      I think that, as Alissa mentions, finding another mom however you can is a great tip. You won't have to apologize for only having your kids on your mind, or for bringing up poop in a non-poop conversation--moms have been there. This site specifically has really helped me with feeling lonely. I don't have really any friends locally.
      lol, I've heard of them, but never actually had one lately myself.
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        I agree with the others. I use to get lonely when I was younger but not so much anymore unless my husband and I have been super busy and are lacking in time together, then I get lonely for him.
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