Am I Pretty?

I was reading an article today that mentioned girls often look to their mothers for positive self image. Did your mother's attitude about herself reflect in your life?

    I'm not really sure. I have poor self image and am not confident most times. I am very self conscious and I'm not sure what exactly it stems from but its been like that as long as I can remember. And other people just didn't do much to help that.
      8Theresa Gould
      My mom didn't have a good attitude about her weight and I think that combined with what others said have impacted me negatively. But my dad always told my mom how pretty she was, so I don't think she struggled with that, at least that I know of.

      I've worked really hard to sequester my negative body image from my daughters. But one in particular seems to have been affected by a girl we met whose mother was pushing her to lose weight etc. There was nothing wrong with the girl's weight in my opinion and I even confronted the mother once about what she could possibly be doing to her daughter and she basically denied it. :( It's a struggle when images are bombarded at us constantly.
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