Working when...

After being a police officer for almost 10 yrs, my premature delivery after the twins reached 2 led me down a different path. Some by choice and not. After early intervention services for speech and language i needed to get out so that is when real estate sales started. But then i got a call from my school district, they were looking for a PT person to pirchase order books and supplies for the district. My job within has changed but its 12 yrs now. What that did for me was i worked during school hours and off when they were. It worked. When my twins got to the high school the building i was in, i stayed oit of their way. Lol..let them be high schoolers. Now i have more than one egg in my basket.

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a mom of twins who has been through a lot of struggle in bringing up my kids. But I have gotten to much better times. And I have a lot to share.