Have you ever had a crazy neighbor?

My very first apartment was above an elderly woman who obviously had dementia. She claimed be stole her mail out of her locked mail box, would beat on her ceiling if she heard us walking around and complained to management that a waterfall was coming out of my bathroom window.

We tried to talk to her family so they knew about the odd behavior to no avail.

Do you have a crazy neighbor story?

    Our crazy neighbor was in prison for breaking into the house we use for storage and stealing most of our stuff...UNTIL he broke out and they still can't find him...even though they know he is here.
    But it's always been a dream of mine to BE the crazy neighbor...the crazy cat lady neighbor. Oh how I wish I was just joking about this...but sadly I am not joking. Lol
      I HAVE crazy neighbors!! I feel bad that I kind of keep my kids sheltered in the house but their are some weirdos around here and a lot of drug users. Unfortunately we did not know when we bought our house here or we obviously would have kept looking other places.
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