FREE blog- ATTN: All the moms who have been asking to work from home.

So, blogging can be a lot of work, as many of you out there know... But I just found a lady (she's not TOTALLY crazy, just setting up for something bigger) who is giving away a FREE blog, FREE domain of your choosing (if it's available) and FREE hosting for one year til the end of November. This is not a scam, she has a couple very reputable sites.

And if you sign up, put me in the "Who referred you?" field, then let me know so I can shoot her an email. Then, I'll make 10 bucks for each of you who signs up.

The best part?

You can refer people too and ALSO make 10 dollars for each of them, no strings attached (just gotta have a paypal account.)

So, prayers be answered to many of you out there, and it's a little bit of road ahead for a monetized blog.... But it IS possible and now you can start for free thanks to this gracious, helpful woman. (She also has a lot of tips on her site about how to make money and discloses her income on her site too,

Here's how you can make the $10…

but PLEASE sign up and put me as your referral then let me know in the comments!

Every lil bit counts during the holidays. Plus, wouldn't it make a great New Year's resolution to work for yourself within the year? (at least making a little bit of cash?)

Thanks for listening to me ramble, hope someone finds it useful!!

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