Being away

The first time I left my little man he was 2 weeks old. I got to come every night. Now that he has to go to grandma's every time I have drill it just get harder and harder. Definitely not looking forward to my 2 weeks. Anyone have tips on how to make it any easier?

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    I am in the Guard yes. I actually only drill 3 miles from home if it's a normal drill and usually get to go home. But there are 2 drills and then my 2 weeks that I don't get to leave post. My mom actually lives about an hour away so even if I get to go home I don't see him until she brings him home. I couldn't imagine being away like this back before the internet and cell phones because she's always on Facebook and sending me pictures so I guess it's not to bad. But being with him all day every day and then having drill is what's the hard part. Thank you lady's for all your support.
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