Newborn baths

There is no reason to even bathe a newborn. The vernix that they are born with is so good for their skin! I rubbed it in on our youngest instead of letting the hospital bathe her and she is the first that didn't get that horrible dry skin. Their smell helps mom and baby bond more, your milk comes in faster when you smell that smell. Wipe their bottoms off when needed and let them be.

Grace didn't have her first bathe (besides wiping her bottom and spit up out of her neck rolls) until she was 4 weeks old. The only one that hasn't had dry skin. Newborn dry skin is not normal!

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    Really? I did not know that about the vernix, but Maddie was born without much of it anyway. My mom butted in and gave Maddie her first bath on day four...I kind of regret that. I never bathed her as much as my mom insisted that I should, though.
      I don't remember where I read it at, but it was an article about delayed cord clamping. My husband was iffy but decided to let her go without a bath.
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