Favorite Holiday

Mine is Christmas.
Its always felt...cheery and magical, in a way. Snow, lights, the music...I love it. It was the one time my Mom actually tried to be around and made an effort in my childhood. My husband's family stopped making a big deal about Christmas once his Dad died when he was 4, and they never really picked up momentum again, but I absolutely love Christmas. I want Nina to love it, too, and to experience the happiness I do around then. This year, I plan on getting us a tree and our own ornaments. Last year was our first Christmas where we didn't live at home, and we went back home to visit anyway, so we didn't bother with a tree or decorations. I plan otherwise this time! It'll be even better since we'll be pet searching around then, too.

What's your favorite holiday? Any special reason?

Moms Expertise
    Halloween for me! My mom loved it, always decorated in a cute and playful way, even when we it was just me and her after my dad passed away and money was tight. We made a special effort to go to a pumpkin patch every year, and she made costumes from scratch, mostly out of sweatsuits from Walmart. She is crafty, and came up with some great ideas.
      Halloween... or Christmas.

      Christmas comes with a lot of stress because I LOVE having the perfect gifts for people, so if there's someone on my list that I can't find the perfect gift for I stress about it. But Halloween I get to have fun without worrying about anything except having enough candy ;)
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