Happy Saturday!

Hi all! How is your Saturday going?

I think I'm going to make shortcakes for the strawberries I bought at the grocery store last night. I like that I can core and slice strawberries on my couch without Maddie giving me too much trouble. She hates when I stand at the kitchen counters lately, for some reason.

Anyone else enjoy strawberry shortcakes through the summer? It ends up being our go-to dessert.

    It's been an OK Saturday. We had T0ball this morning, and went out to lunch with some friends. Honestly, it's been a great day, I'm just grumpy because I'm way too short on sleep and it's raining which never helps my mood!

    We love strawberry shortcakes!! We also like to just make whipped cream as a family (shake heavy cream in a mason jar with a little confectioners sugar) and then dip the strawberries in there :)
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