Babies and whole milk: organic or non-organic?

Some research is showing that organic milk may have some benefits that regular milk does not. Organic farms are required to allow their cows ample time in the sunshine and grass feed. This makes organic milk higher in vitamin D and other nutrients that regular milk does not have (Omega-3 fatty acids). That's only a slight edge over regular milk--both will satisfy nutritional requirements.

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    To be totally honest, it comes down to price for us with organic milk. I would love to buy it, but we go through a gallon of milk every other day in this house and milk happens to be one of those things that there is a HUGE price difference between organic and regular.
      Our milk isn't exactly organic, but rather local from a farm that follows the same practices as organic regulations. I hear often at my farmer's market that the farmers use organic practices, but the organic certification itself is an expensive process. If you have the option to buy your milk locally, you may be getting the same nutritional benefit.
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