Rear Facing

How long do you keep your little one reason facing? My little lady is 25 me months and still rear Facing.

MariaRichland, Michigan
    As a CPST (car seat tech) this is a really great topic! Right now, Mason (5 in July) is the only one that is consistently forward facing, and he has been for awhile. I let Audrey (3) choose how she would like to sit every couple weeks - right now she is forward facing, but in general she is rear facing. Hayden just turned 1, and she will be rear facing for some time. I'll probably let her choose her position around 2.5-3 as well :)

    Best practices is to leave your child rear facing for as long as you are able based on the height and weight limits of your seat. The AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) suggests leaving them rear facing until at least 2. Most state laws require that you leave them rear facing until at least 1 and 20 pounds (not either/or - BOTH), but hopefully the laws will be changing to bump up to 2 years old because it is much, much safer!
      Nina is front-facing and she's only 13 months. She outgrew the rear-facing side and she'd get mad because she wasn't comfortable with her legs all scrunched up so we turned it around and now she's as happy as can be in car rides. She watches out the windows and has a blast. We weren't going to buy a new rear-facing car seat just because she's a one year old in 2T size clothes and twice the size of normal one year olds. My MIL bought this car seat for 300 bucks, ad it's rear and front facing, so we just switched hers around and it's fine.
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