Vaginal discharge or amniotic fluid

If you are having an increased amount of fluid coming out of your vagina you might be concerned. Here are a few ways to tell the difference.

Normal vaginal discharge:
Thin and watery
Mild odor

Amniotic fluid:
Watery fluid
May be a trickle or gush

Pale yellow
Smells like urine

Any of these can cause your underwear to become wet enough to need to wear a thin pad. To help determine the kind of fluid the best indicator is to smell it, the smell will tell you a lot.

If you think it is your fluid you doctor can test a sample of the fluid with a test strip. The test is quick and easy. Be sure to call your doctor if you have any signs of infection or if you think your water has broken.

Signs of infection:
Foul smelling discharge
Yellow discharge

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