Hot Pepper Oopsie

So... a while back, a friend gave us some peppers from his garden. He didn't know what kind they were but said they were *insert expletive here* hot. Ed LOVES hot peppers and I've become quite a fan too. It was a fairly large bag so I brought them home, left some fresh and dehydrated the rest.

I use them very sparingly because they really ARE *insert expletive here* hot. I don't know what variety they are. I planted a dozen kinds in my own garden and none look like them. Last time I cooked these things, I was trying to infuse the oil in the pan. Bad idea. These peppers, when exposed to heat directly, let off this gas that makes your eyes burn like the dickens. So I never did that again and only use them in soups, stews and chili.

Tonight I wanted something hot and we've both been itching for burgers. So I cut one pepper up really fine, removed some but not all of the seeds, added some ranch powder and mixed it all up with the beef.

Holy *insert expletive here*.

Even inside the meat, the peppers were exposed to too much heat (I guess?) Next thing I know, I'm coughing. Ed's coughing all the way in the living room, I'm opening all of the windows and Ed takes off outside with Charlie....

over a burger.


But.. I'm not going to lie. Those were some seriously good tasting burgers :)

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