Thoughts on mom and baby having a bath together

Like every other decision, this is one that is individual to each person/family. I personally love taking a bath with Charlie. The infant tub was fine (when he still fit in it) but he wasn't able to splash around and kick and have a fun time like he does when we're in the big tub.

At a certain age, I don't think it's appropriate to take baths with my son anymore. Not sure what that age is yet. I want Charlie to be comfortable with his body and comfortable asking me questions about things. I appreciate modesty though, so I guess we'll have to cross this bridge when we come to it.

At what age did you stop taking a bath with your child? Is it different if you have a son or daughter?

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        I used to do it with my oldest and I have taken showers where I bring the kids in if I have no other option.
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