Just got home from a long day out :-) we had so much fun. Tristen LOVES the ocean. The water was so cold it hurt when you were in it but we couldn't keep him out. He was throwing the sand on the beach into the water and throwing the sand in the water onto the beach. Lol I love my silly little family :-)

    Yeah Tristen just didn't seem bothered by it at all. My husband was screaming like a girl! Lol
    We go to the coast as often as we can. We are used to living super close but now we are a little farther away...we went every weekend when we were closer...we are having withdraws now. Lol
    Yeah I think it's just a boy thing. Lol they both kept going back in.
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      I can't keep him that focused yet. He was too busy transferring sand from beach to ocean and ocean to beach. Lol
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