Is the TV off during dinner?

Growing up, we never had the TV (or anything else) on during dinner. When I was married to my ex and we had his teenage daughter and I understood why. Was our appetite changing? More or less attitude than normal? How were we talking about school? Friends? Teachers? Life in general?

It was a time for my parents to do a check without poking and prodding too much, it made perfect sense to me once the stepdaughter started doing drugs, sneaking out, skipping school. There were slight changes in her behavior that threw those red flags up and dinner time was the perfect time to notice those changes without distraction of television. On a positive note, it was just a good time to catch up. To say hello without our faces being stuck in a book or a video game.

Do you allow electronics to be on during dinner time?

    There is no screen time (and that includes Mom and Dad's smartphone), newspapers, magazines or anything else when our family eats together. We don't get to eat dinner with one another every day, so when we do, it's important to make it count. Plus, with 3 kids under 10, it's not like these meals last very long, so I think they can manage without TV. To be honest, though, I'm reasonably strict about screen time anyway, so our TV is not on all that much to begin with.
      When I was growing up everyone had to eat at the table (no exceptions) and there was no watching t.v. except on occasion when we might order pizza and watch a movie or something together. That's how I want things to be with my kids as well. I think its an important time to bond and show that you can take a little time out of your day to make time for each other.
        I absolutely despise the sound of chewing, so there is usually something on in the background. I would like to go back to more music and less tv though. I think dinner is an important time to catch up.
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