What is third child syndrome?

Some people believe that birth order has a lot to do with our choices and personalities later on in life.

Being the 3rd child, I can relate to what they call "third child syndrome". I was given far more freedoms than my 2 older brothers were. I never felt like I was being taken seriously, and quite honestly I expected people to do things for me more than I should have.

While reading up on this I saw the traits of "middle child syndrome" and it describes my middle brother perfectly.
Do you think birth order holds a significance?

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    I do. I am the oldest and I feel like there was a double standard. I was always old enough to know better or wasn't allowed to do a lot of things and my little brother got away with everything I feel like since he was the baby. Things were more laid back for him. And for instance I really wanted to be a musician when I was younger and my parents kept telling me that the odds of becoming successful and finding a job in that field were slim to none. I never felt like they backed me up so I gave up on it. My brother how ever joined marching band and they were at every performance and now hes in the mummers and they go to all of his stuff and are really supportive of all the stuff he does and always have been. He was even looking to go to college for music but decided to go for accounting instead.
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