In laws

Who here doesn't get along with their in laws?!

My mother in law and brother in laws are horrible, disrespectful towards me and my husband sticks up for me then I get blamed for keeping him away from them. Iv done no such thing. They act as of my husband can do better the. Me. The only In law I get along with and loves me as part of the family is my father in law. And his wife. I can't take anymore of their disrespect and my husband is done as well he just had it out with his mom today and boy can she be a witch with a B!!!! Ugh sorry for the vent

    Don't be sorry for venting. It sucks when the one your with and in love has a family like that. I was in the same boat as you when I was with my son's father. The only thing different is I got along with his mom and dad. Me and his sister did not get along for good reasons and his dads side of the family would just ignore me and if they did talk to me it was to make them selves look better as people. Just hang in there. At least your husband is siding with you and giving you support. I hope things get better for you! Best of luck.
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