Yes, I did start planning to TTC again while pregnant

When I was pregnant, hubby and I did start planning to TTC again. Since it took supplements to help me get pregnant in the first place, we figured we'd have to probably use the same method to get pregnant again, allowing us to sort of plan without having to use birth control.

Of course, if a baby we didn't use supplements for came along... We'd be super happy!

Anyway, when I was pregnant, my husband and I talked quite a bit about when we would try to TTC again.

Would it take a long time? Would we even be able to handle one? What factors would determine when/if we tried again? How many did we truly want? Did we want them before WE were a certain age? How far apart should the kids be for their optimal health, happiness, and ability to thrive?
These are all questions we asked ourselves, and our answers often changed a little. We thought we'd have four kids, if possible. We never set a specific age to have them I think because we knew we needed to be somewhat flexible, all things considered. Our biggest concern there was we didn't want to be 'too old.' My husband's parents are older (around the same age as my grandparents) and that's something he made clear he didn't want. They won't get to enjoy our kids, their grandkids, in quite the way my parents will. Unless techonology continues to skyrocket, fingers crossed, they may be just too old to do much physical activity with them. He doesn't want that and he also wants to have time to have fun once the kids are out of the house.

It came up that I might have lupus from tests I had while pregnant... If that would affect things was a factor we had to deal with. If it got worse, would we continue to have children?

Of course, since the miscarriages we have wondered about the cause of those and how that might set us back having kids if it happens again in the future. Beyond the obvious time issues there, there's also the mental recovery and emotional readiness. Am I prepared to go through that again? How much more stressful will pregnancy be in the future when I have those concerns?

Of course, a future pregnancy and delivery might help get my body in shape. Who knows?
So, I guess we didn't plan to try to TTC when I was pregnant too in depth, but we did discuss it at some length.

What about you, did you decide when to TTC again while pregnant? Why or why not?

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