Natural teething remedy compilation!

Well, there's the age old liquor on the gums, lol, but if you want some safer natural teething remedies, there are a few things you can try.

Keep in mind, I've never actually had to do this before, so these are all tips I've snagged from other mamas, some of which are on! I just thought I'd collect the ideas into one article.

There's the frozen wash cloth trick. I'd make sure it didn't have remaining laundry detergent or fabric softener residue, but I imagine that would all come out when you wet it. Do you roll it up before you put it in the freezer?

You can freeze a teething ring... Do they still make the kind that was around when I was a kid, where they have the freezable liquid stuff in the middle? I have always loved the summertime cups like that that keep your drinks cold, haha. I wonder which came first.

I've also read some mamas like to give teething babies raw baby carrots to gnaw on.

Vibrating pacifier/rattle... It's not completely natural, I guess, but it's not like medicine or anything. I imagine that would help a lot.

What about those amber teething necklaces? Do those actually help? How do you make sure baby doesn't choke on them or whatever holds it around their neck?

One mom, whose name I'll add when I find the article, had some pretty great suggestions I recall... Found it! It was Debi

1. Putting frozen fruit in a mesh feeder... nutrition, deliciousness, and teething relief.

2. She also mentioned a brilliant idea called 'momsicles' where you make popsicles from breastmilk! Same as above... relieving and nutritious! Any mamas know if it works the same with formula? Do you have good ideas for popsicle molds? What about the holder- stick or otherwise?

Are there any natural pain relievers you can use for baby? I'm talking like edible essential oils and things of that nature. I don't know the safety of those with babies. What about natural analgesics?

Of course, if everything fails, there's always infant ibuprofen.

I'm pretty close to trying some of these myself because my wisdom teeth are coming in kind of late lol. I suppose I could use the whiskey trick on myself though ;)

I know I posed more questions than answers, but I hope you super mamas can add to the list!

Do you use any of these?
What ideas do you have for natural teething remedies?

Moms Expertise
    Amy Phroper
    We use the amber teething necklace. He has worn it since he was 6 months old. At first I was taking it off and putting it on his ankle when he was sleeping. After while we stopped and he has done well with it ever since. He is 2 1/2 and when he gets teeth the way we know is he drools a lot.
      Comment deleted
      I've never actually seen one up close... What sort of material are they made out of that food gets squished through but it doesn't scratch baby's gums?
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