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So I now live with my dad and step mom and have been for almost two years. They took me in when me and my fiancé broke up which I am grateful for but now its just a pain to be there. Maybe I am being ungrateful but heres the situation and let me know your thoughts..any advice would be great!!

I pay 200 in rent a month ( which yes Is cheap for most people, but again I am their daughter with a son ). Even though I work a lot I don't make nearly enough to even afford a small apartment on my own. I also pay for my own phone and my own insurance as well as grocreys for me hayden and the 2-5 other people who live in that house as well. Theyre very greeding an expect me to do everything for them. I was told when I first moved in they weren't built in babysitters..which I understand and never expected them to be. But on top of working and taking care of my expected to be a built in dog sitter chicken sitter cook house cleaner etc..on top of the 250 dollar grocerys everyother week and rent. at the end of the month im lucky if I have a 100 dollars in my account. Moms if your son and or daughter were in the same boat as where they broke up with there bf/gf and had a kid and needed a place to stay..what would your agreements be with them? Do you think its reasonable what my parents are doing and im being greedy? o are my parents the greedy ones?

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