Toddler Insecurities!

Are there toddler psychologists? If so, how would I go about getting help for my son?

Quite a few! He is extremely clingy to me and gets nervous at stores, when I step away from the cart to look at something. He starts saying mumma mumma in a hyper voice.

He gets nervous or scared around family members, ones he doesn't see all the time.

He has awful tantrums, they are slightly better than they used to be. But he still screams quite loudly when he gets mad or upset in some way. Then he hits the person trying to calm him down that isn't me.

He seems to gain confidence and lose it in the same week. Like he will be brave and go down big slides and small slides at the park. Then the next day he is scared to go up the stairs and slide down.

I really could go on. I just need to get him some help I think.
It probably is normal separation anxiety. That said, talk to your pediatrician. Mommas usually have the best instincts when something is going on with their kiddos.…

Check out that website. There's some great tips there! A big thing to keep in mind is when kids go through a phase of learning something new and exciting they can regress in other areas. What you described sounds a lot like that.
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