Any of you hear of this

So when Haiden was 1years old he was throwing up a lot. At first i thought it was his pediasure as he would only drink that. Well i stopped giving him the pediasure and i thought awesome he is better and that was the trick.
He then still was having issues when he drank juice. He would constantly complain his tummy hurt. We took him to dr and she said take him off juice and reintroduce when he is 3.
So we did. But he was still having issues. So we took him to specialist and had him tested for chrons, celiac, any stomach dieases. And all they said is he had acid refulx. But i didnt buy that. A 4year old should go into a fetaul positon cuz his stomach hurts and acid reflux dont cause that much pain.
Well just recently i was looking at juice boxes as i thought it was sugar causing it all. But i though how could it be, he eats fruits and junk food with high sugar and has no problem. Then i noticed it says high fructose corn syurp. I said thats it he has an issue with high fructose corn syrup.
So i looked up allergies with high fructose corn syrup. And there was a few types. One of which i think he has called high fructose allergy. And i read sypmtpoms and all of the syptoms he gets and had matched it. So i saved it on my phone and when he has a another check up i will have him tested for it.

    And since he has not had any juice with high fructose corn syrup he has not complained.
    He can have one juice bix but more than one is when he gets dirreah and is in severe pain.
    That fructose stuff is horrible. There are lots of juice with out it. I know people can pick up and drop allergies at anytime. I have allergies to red dye and strawberry so I wont have any of that stuff in my house or let my daughter have it because there's a 25% chance she could have allergies to it.
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