Transgender Child

I will start off by saying let's all keep this friendly and debate nicely.

Next I will say that I fully support everyone's right to equality and fully support the gay community.

I saw this story today and I thought it was a very nice story. I am glad that the parents listened to their child and respected the child's wishes. It is amazing that the parents were so supportive and understanding. I hope I can be so accepting and supportive to my children in a similar situation. I think these parents handled it very well and are trying to support their child completely.

My middle daughter is a tomboy and loves boy things, she says quite often that she wishes she was a boy. I don't think it is as extreme as this case but I am going to make sure we watch what we say to her and make sure she never feels shamed for her feelings. I don't think she is transgender but I do want to be supportive of her feelings, whatever they are.

Do you think you would be able to do this in their situation?

Does your child act like their gender stereotypes?…

I never heard of that before, I am going to check it out.
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