Checking Homework Is A Must Here

Tiffany is a medium student so when she reached 4th grade her grades were dropping because I wasn't checking or homework, Philip wasn't either, and it got tough for her. When we saw her grades we were surprised so we started checking her homework. We also got her a tutor, yes her grades dropped that badly. Now she is graduating 4th grade and her grades went from D to A or A+. She is much better now. It is still tough but she has improved so much. We are not doing summer tutoring but we will buy this summer workbook so she can practice. That is why you should make at least 30 minutes to correct your children's homework.

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Hi! My name is Julia and I am 35 almost 36 years old. I currently am a SAHM of a almost 10 year old daughter named Tiffany Hope. I am married to my husband, Philip, and we are currently expecting our 2nd child after trying for 6 almost 7 years.